29 Mayıs 2018 Salı


Without any hesitations I will go straight to the point.
Mr. Erdogan, you are definitely wrong.  By using the religion you are dragging Turkey to a catastrophy. Pretexting Jerusalem you want to persuade your people in order to promote your votes, and stay in power.
Please don’t!  People are dying.  Hundred per cent you are the cause of what is happening in Gazza. Who knows how you have fouled Hamas.  Probably by sending them who know how many million dollars so that this poor people who have no other revenue and know nothing more than killing, rushed to the border, Thinking they can cross it and go inside Israel to burn or destroy everything, and kill everyone.
Israel can protect itself, believe me, more than you can think of.  As a result, nearly hundred dead, more than a thousand wounded, and all of them people of Gazza.  All of it because of you.
For heaven sake stop it!
With today’s technology you cannot foul anyone.  Everyone sees and is aware of everything.  How can you pretend that Israeli soldiers killed an eight month old baby.  Wouldn’t people ask why that baby was there to begin with.
It has been proved that you sent money to arabs in Jerusalem to start riots.  When arabs attack Israel retaliates in a strong way.  Then you start telling “our poor Palestinians, our brothers are being murdered”.  While your Palestinian brothers in conspiracy with the british in Halep killed five thousand Turkish soldiers.  What kind of a brotherhood is this.
For heaven sake stop, don’t let people die, so that you can get the ballots.
Preaching at the meeting you said “what Canakkale is, Jerusalem also means the same for us”.  While your spokesman said “if we do not lay claim on Jerusalem how could we lay claim on Mekka or Medina?”.
Are you out of your mind? Mekka and Medina belong to the soudis.  And what you call Kudus is Jerusalem and it is Israel’s capital.   Pay attention, wheather you like it or not Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.
What if the greecs say “Istanbul is Constantinopolis and this is our red line”. What would you answer to such a nonsense.
Just because of such absurdities Turkey lost the bid for the project of natural gas.   Israel convened to pay billions of dollars more by arranging it through Cyprus and from there to Greece, rather then doing business with Turkey, which they do not trust.
Now the Israeli secretary for agriculture banned all agricultural imports from Turkey.
Millions of Israelis will go for their vacations to Turkey only in their dreams.
All that is because you wished to promote your votes by attacking Israel.
In order to effect a resolution against Israel, you invited all the arab countries to a meeting.  Some of them came but sonme of them did not even bother to come.  What was the outcome?  A big zero once more.  You wanted a resolution be issued to send international forces to Jerusalem; what happened? However, you entertained your guests  in big dinners, yatch tours in the bosphorus and even offered them coca cola.  What was the bill for all that nonsense and your showoff.  Who is paying for all that?  Just for you to promote your votes.
Don’t you know that there is an anormous deficit.  You are so afraid to declare the climbing rates of gasoline that only at the gas station people  find out the price. You see even the steps the Central Bank takes to curb the elevation of the foreighn currecies are not being sufficient. Also the rising interest rates mekes it even more difficult to cover the internal loans.
On top of that you say that once re-elected you are going to take care of the economy.  Investors are so scared that they are all leaving the country.
For heaven sake don’t talk that way, can’t you see, can’t you understand that because of you Turkey is sinking.
Before each election you attack Israel.  You make so many criminal scenarios just before elections.  What kind of a coincidence is that.
 Enough is enough.  No one buys that anymore.
To the last meeting in Yenikapi, people have been carried from Istanbul as well as surrounding borroughs.  City busses, subways, boats all free of charge carried people to the meeting.  Who paid for all that?  What was the cost?  Nevertheless, where was the old enthusiasm.
Well everything is over.  We thank you for all your services.  But that’s it.  Please leave everything and go. Please…
Aaron Baruch

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